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GRP Grating

Gratings are meshed structures that can be installed for various applications such as coverage of factories floors, staircases, aisles, etc. GRP gratings have some privileges in comparison to metallic ones such as corrosion resistance to chemical substances and corrosive ambients, high specific strength, and nonconductivity. They are also favorable for their resistance to fire and impact loads.

They are widely used in petrochemical industries, refineries, oil platforms, food industries, electronics, shipbuilding, industrial laboratories, and manufactories.

Novin composite GRP Gratings are composed of three main constituents. These components known as key, lock, and beam are fabricated by pultrusion method and are assembled via drilling and grooving. The beam bears the major part of the loads and the key and the lock are responsible for supporting and connecting, however, they can handle a small part of loads.

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